Forms of check fraud:

  • FORGED SIGNATURES— legitimate blank checks with an imitation of the payor signature;
  • FORGED ENDORSEMENTS— often invloves the use of a stolen check, which is then endorsed and cashed or deposited by someone other than the payee;
  • COUNTERFEIT CHECKS— due to the advancement in color copying and desktop publishing capabilities, this is the fastest-growing source of fraudulent checks today;
  • ALTERED CHECKS— information on a legitimate check, such as payee or check amount, changed to benefit the perpetrator;
  • CHECK KITING— the process of depositing a check from one bank account into a second bank account without the sufficient funds to cover it.

Preventing check fraud:
We want to help protect you against check fraud. Mind these following points to help make it more difficult for criminals to target you:

  • Closely examine account statements in a timely manner because under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Forcht Bank is not solely responsible for check fraud.
  • Report a forged check immediately to the Bank.
  • Report lost or stolen checks immediately to the Bank; the Bank will assist in notifying third-party databases with respect to the lost or stolen checks.
  • Close unused accounts.
  • Keep all checks and statements in a secure place.
  • Reorder checks only through the financial institution. Buying checks through mail order houses is an invitation for potential fraud.
  • Do not disclose account numbers to anyone.
  • Do not have driver's license or social security numbers preprinted on checks.
  • Verify that a check order is complete when received.
  • Destroy checks from closed accounts.
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