New Account Opening Experience Coming Soon

To all of the introverts and workaholics, don’t worry – we haven’t forgotten about you.  Our commitment to technology has never been stronger.  In fact, we decided ‘happy’ isn’t good enough for our customers.  Only a ‘happier’ banking experience is what our customers deserve. 

Our search for a ‘happier’ experience when our customers open an account online has led us to this point – innovation.  We are going back to the basics to offer a solution that makes opening an account easier than ever.  Focusing on a solution that: (1) matches an account with your exact needs, (2) safe and secure, (3) and faster than ever. 

We appreciate your patience as we work to deliver one of the best online account opening solutions in the banking industry.  In the meantime, our team members at each of our convenient banking centers are ready to go above and beyond to ensure an easy and quick account opening for you.

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