If we detect fraudulent activity on your debit card, we’ll check with you before allowing potential fraud on your account.


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thank you for your order

Get excited! We've received your order for your custom Forcht Bank Debit Mastercard®. We handle all of our custom orders with care, so you should expect to receive your card in the mail within 7 to 10 business days.

a new way to pay

Mobile Pay lets you make fast and secure in-app, in-store, and online payments when you link your Forcht Bank Mastercard to your smartphone's Digital Wallet.

HOW We protect your debit card

Fraud Stop gives you an extra layer of protection that works 24/7 to keep unusual purchases from being placed on your Forcht Bank Debit Mastercard. If we detect unusual spending activity, we'll contact you asking to confirm or deny your purchase. Happier Banking means safe spending with Fraud Stop!

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