January 18, 2016

(LEXINGTON, KY) Tucker Ballinger, President and Chief Executive Officer of Forcht Bank, has been appointed as a director for the Cincinnati Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

As a director, Mr. Ballinger will give input to the Federal Reserve Bank regarding the state of local businesses and industries along with other financial leaders from the region.

“Terry Forcht founded our bank in 1985 on the idea of serving our communities,” said Tucker Ballinger, President & CEO of Forcht Bank. “I’m truly excited at the opportunity to make a positive impact that will help continue to move this region forward.”

Mr. Ballinger has been with Forcht Bank since August, 2011, originally serving as Executive Vice President. In December of the same year, he was named President and CEO. Ballinger is a graduate of Georgetown (KY) College and has over 20 years of banking experience.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland is one of the twelve regional Reserve Banks that compromise the Federal Reserve System, along with the Board of Governors in Washington, DC. It plays a role in the formulation of the United States’ monetary policy, supervision of banking organizations, and performs various services for other financial institutions and the US Treasury in support of system wide Federal Reserve operations.